Thursday, 21 November 2013

Christmas specials

here are the specials for the festive season. And another super special, order from us for Christmas and New Years and get a special on your Valentines orders.
So here's what's available for Christmas:
Firstly, Gifts  Gift voucher special 10% off.
Buy a gift voucher for your friend or loved one and get 10% off the price.
Either a cake voucher: were they can purchase anything from the bakery to the value you choose or a baking voucher where they can do one of our courses. The gift of choice
And then there's the baked goods specials(Pictures attached)
Cupcakes: per Dozen
Plain at R70.00 save R10.00
Special at R180.00 save R20.00
Fancy at R110.00 save R15.00
Traditional fruit cake(with alcohol) R200.00
Traditional fruit cake(without alcohol) R150.00
Includes basic decorations, for extras please specify
Normal cake to the Christmas theme: From R400.00
Gingerbread house: R500.00
Minced pies: R30.00 per 6
Christmas tree stack: R500.00
We are open for orders until the 16th of December and available for collection on the 24th of December before 12am.
New years specials:
New years cakes from R300.00
New years cupcakes from R110.00
Available for collection on the 31st before 12am. Available for orders on the 27th between 9am and 3pm.
Offers valid until the 4th of January.
If you have any queries or questions, don't hesitate to email or call.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Exotic cakes.

I made a rather different cake this weekend for a customer and it was fun having a new theme and something challenging to do, I love when my customers give me the freedom to be creative and design something truly new and totally unique. I prefer to be given a theme and freedom to be creative than a picture, my best work comes from freedom, and these also tend to be cheaper. I haven't loaded any new pictures yet but I will post as soon as possible with the new stuff :)

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Latest creations

Hey everybody, Sorry for being so quite, the bakery has been overflowing with orders and I have never been big on the whole social media bit so I like to do these things in bulk. Well its Elevenses 1 year anniversary today and what a year its been! thank-you to all the customers and loyal regulars that have made this milestone possible and we'll see you again in the next 365 to keep the business flowing! have an awesome day and make those special occasions even more so with a cake from elevenses bakery.
Until next time here's so of my hard work and fun times.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Cake pops

Cake pops are these delicious little balls of cake ontop of a stick decorated to be these cute little figures